Purple Eye Shadow Guide: Get the Look

The spring and summer trend on the runway display some cool and chic looks that is not appropriate for our daily lives. Thus, going through some more research and looking at each look from different designers, we discovered the purple eye shadow is used a lot on the runway. In addition, wearing purple eye shadow is common to wear out for a special occasion or an event.

Wear Purple Eye Shadow

Start of with eye primer as always, to act as the base for your eye shadow. It is recommended to wear eye primer because it will help your eye makeup to last longer and intensify the colour of the eye shadows without creasing, fading or smearing on the eye. It also helps the product to blend the eye shadow smoothly. Apply the eye primer with your fingers all over the eye lid.

Then with an eye shadow brush, pick up a nude colour as a base eye shadow colour, such as white, or light beige colour. Pick up your desire shade of purple eye shadow, here we chose Mica Beauty's mineral eye shadow in the colour 3 wild rose, a vibrant purple shade. Pat the product onto the outer eye lid, with a flat eye shadow brush. Concentrate the colour on the outer eye lid.

For the transition shade, use a blending eye shadow brush and pick up a neutral shade with a purple base tone or a dark purple grey eye shadow shade. Blend the product on the outer crease and to blend away the harsh lines on the eye lids. Once you are satisfied with the outcome after blending it, pick up the same purple shade with the same eye shadow brush and pat on the outer eye lid to deepen the colour. Again, with the blending brush, just to blend away any harsh lines.

Next, with a small brush, pick up a small amount of black eye shadow colour and line it on the very outer corner of the eye to create more depth on the eye. Then, with a small brush, blend the black eye shadow into the purple shade. In addition, pick up a nice light pink shade and pat it on the inner eye lid. With a white eye shadow, use a small eye shadow brush and apply the colour on the inner corner of the eyes to brighten up the eyes. Apply eyeliner and one or two coats of mascara on your lashes and this creates a beautiful purple gradient eye makeup look.

Alexis Adrienne

Alexis Adrienne

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