What Makes The Luxury Difference?

If you’ve ever looked at a luxury beauty product and wondered, “But, is it really worth it?”, you wouldn’t be alone. Here’s the thing - luxury beauty is expensive for a reason. When it comes to comparing what you get at the pharmacy to what you find here at Beauty Affairs, there’s a huge difference between what you’ll get - and the price tag is just one part of it. 

Sensorial Experience

La Prairie Skincare Jar Held by Hands in shadow

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Some might argue that this is the most important part of luxury beauty - the product itself creates an entire experience, from receiving it to simply opening the jar. The truth is, luxury skin care is about creating a mini-spa moment for yourself, every time you use it. 

Every aspect of every single skincare product is carefully thought out - the packaging should have a luxurious heft to it, reminding you that it’s something special. Textures are decadent and creamy - also reminding you that they’re formulated that way for a reason, no expense or ingredient spared. 

What completes the sensorial satisfaction of prestige beauty products has to be the scent - every moment using luxury skincare should be savored, and the right kind of fragrance adds another layer of opulence to your beauty routine. All of these mean that you get a unique experience with each luxury product - one that’s totally worth it. 

Sisleÿa L'Intégral Anti-Âge Anti-Wrinkle Concentrated Serum image

Sisleÿa L'Intégral Anti-Âge Anti-Wrinkle Concentrated Serum | $630
A powerfully concentrated anti-ageing serum with only the best antioxidants.

High-Quality, Luxury Ingredients

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Another key factor that makes luxury beauty worth it is the access to extremely high quality, luxury ingredients. Just because an ingredient is called a certain name on an ingredients list doesn’t mean that it’s equal to all other products with that ingredient. 

Let me explain - for example, La Mer’s famous fermented sea kelp extract has to appear as ‘Seaweed (Algae) Extract’ on packaging for legal reasons. Other skincare products that might also contain regular seaweed extract have to be labelled this way too, but we both know that they’re not the same. 

La Mer’s version is fermented to give it unique benefits that regular seaweed extract doesn’t have - and that makes it worth it. And here’s the thing - this is just one example of how luxury skincare ingredients differ from the regular kind in the industry. There are so many more out there! 

Guerlain Daily Repair Serum image

Guerlain Abeille Royale Daily Repair Serum | $291
A luxurious serum that contains Ouessant Honey and Royal Jelly to rejuvenate skin.

Brand Experience

Guerlain Youth Watery Oil image against mirror

Credit: Guerlain/Instagram

One other crucial thing about luxury skincare is that every single aspect has to match the incredibly high luxury standards that the rest of the brand has. Just like using luxury skincare itself is an experience, it’s got to have the same exclusivity and experience as everything else you’ve come to expect from luxury brands. 

This means that luxury beauty is never a disappointment - something that we’ve found to be true at Beauty Affairs.

Now you know the three main reasons why luxury beauty comes with that extra price tag - and exactly why it's worth it. 

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